Useful information



All travellers going to Mombasa must hold passports that are valid for at least six months beyond the proposed date of entry to the country.
All italian travellers must hold a return ticket to Italy. On their arrival in the country, a stamp, showing the length of stay, will be apposed on the passport. It is recommended to declare the real length of stay in Kenya and to check the stamp that has been put on the passport. Visa extensions are obtainable from the immigrants offices concerned.
Minors Travelling: the normative concerning minors travelling changes according to the various national dispositions. We suggest to acquire update informations from Kenya Ambassies or National Offices in Italy or in your own country.
Entry Visa: it's obligatory for all up-sixteen years old travellers and it can be requested to the Natonal Ambessies of Kenya or directly in Mombasa airport. Visa categories and realtive prices are:
- transit visa, USD 10 or 20 EURO validity: from 1 to 7 days;
- tourist visa, 25 USD or 20 EURO validity: 1 months, 3 months or, in special cases, updating to 6 months;
- multiple visa, USD 110 usually for business travel;
- single journey visa, 25 USD or 20 EURO;
- double-entry visa, 25 USD or 20 EURO for travellers entring in Kenya to move in another country of the East Africa Community (Kenya, Uganda, Rwuanda, Burundi and Tanzania) and the leave again from Kenya.
Even Euro is accepted as payment money, we suggest to consider always USD dollars as first and secure accepted payment money

Further information:


The currency unit in Kenya is the Kenyan shilling: 100 shilling = 1Euro. The majority of credit cards (MasterCard or Visa) are the likeliest to be accepted, 3%-5% commission sometimes is charged.
Money exchange can be made at airports or city centre.


Official language is Swahili, but English is widely spoken above all in hotels and lodges.

Vaccination and Health precautions

Compulsory vaccination are not required, but a prophylaxis antimalarial is recommended and yellow fever. In order to avoid gastrointestinal infections it is recommend to:
- no to eat raw food, even in hotels and restaurants;
- drink only bottled liquids or mineral water, without adding ice;
- avoid buying food from stands on the road.

Compulsory vaccinations: none.


Travelling with pets (dogs and cats) requires to take a good health certificate and a certificate attesting that pet has been rabies vaccinated. These certificates must been issued in the country of origin at least 30 days before departure and no more than one year before the arrival in Kenya. An import permit (cost 50$ US) must be shown. Applies for this permit  must be made in advance at the following address: (remember that in order to get the permit, you should count 30 days starting from the day of receiving the application form)
Livestock Officer
Veterinary Department
PO Private Bag 00625
Kabete, Kenya
T. +254 20 63 1383/2231/1287
F. +254 20 63 1273
For any other animals only a good health certification is required


To phone Italy from Kenya, the country code is 0039 + city code + phone number.
To phone Kenya from abroad, the country code is 00254 + 11 (Mombasa code) + phone number
International phone calls can be easily made in the main hotels, but it is usually required phone calls to last 1-3 minutes maximum. Phone calls are very expensive.

Electronic equipments

Everywhere electricity is 220/240V. Travellers with different appliance should bring an adaptor and /or transformer for english style square plugs.