The History of Eurofly


The 90's

Eurofly was created nineteen years ago. Since 1989 it has come a long way, making many changes in its management and its fleet, which is on average less than 4 years old, continually searching for ways to better satisfy its customers', passengers', tour operators' and travel agencies' needs.

May 26, 1989: Eurofly S.p.A. is founded in Turin . The stock is divided among Alitalia (45%), Olivetti (45%) and San Paolo Finance (10%).

February 21, 1990: commercial activity of Eurofly starts with the route Malpensa-Gerona- Roma-Gerona-Malpensa behalf of Ford Italia.

Summer 1991: the first flights to Sharm El Sheik begin. Eurofly is the first Italian charter carrier to operate commercial routes to the Red Sea.

1998 and 1999 are pivotal years as Eurofly enters the long range market, expanding its activities with flights to the Caribbean, Maldives and Sri Lanka , Mexico , la Tanzania , Capo Verde, Kenya and Guadeloupe.