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Tortoli (Sardinian Tortuelie) is a town of 10,700 inhabitants, and with Lanusei is the capital of the Ogliastra's province.
The origin of the name is ambiguous. Giovanni Spano in his Dictionary of 1872 argued that Sardo Tortueli derived from Portus Ilii, others glimpsed a shunt from the Portu ante ceded by Elijah Portuelie (Port of St. Elias). The Pisan called Tortohelie.
Dominated by the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals and Spanish, in the twelfth century becomes a part of Cagliari's Giudicato.
Located in central eastern coast of Sardinia, its port (Arbatax) and the airport (Arbatax are) easily related to the different Italian and European destinations.
To the east, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea with long sandy beaches and famous granite as the Orrì's Lido.
Currently the city has an economy particularly active through the port, airport and the beautiful beaches, which gave way to a thriving tourist business.
Downtown Sant'Andrea's church, built in the seventeenth century and extensively remodeled during the next century, reaching the present form of a Latin cross, acquiring the new facade and the original steeple.
Tortolì continues without interruption to the south of the pond and towards Capo Bellavista, where he reunites with Arbatax. This village was originally developed around the sumptuous Spanish tower and currently is the home port of Ogliastra, the most important of the south-east.
Behind the port are the Rocce Rosse, a series of typical reddish pinnacles that characterize the area, frequented during the summer and known for long walks through the streets of stalls, entertainment and music events of world importance.