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Meridiana, even during the flight, is committed to satisfying the needs of those who travel for work or leisure with a quality service, to ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay on-board. On all flights, the on-board magazine Atmosphere is available for a pleasant reading during the flight or during your free time. The magazine deals with topical subjects, fashion, art and above all tourism reports, innovative enogastronomic itineraries and in-depth articles on the destinations serviced by Meridiana. The on-board service offered to the passengers is different according to the arriving destination, time of departure and flight length.

Economic class

Domestic flights

On all domestic flights, only the tourist class is available.

For greater relaxation and added taste it is possible to choose among a selection of hot and cold beverages offered by the cabin crew.

Medium-range flights and flights for Egypt and Israel

On medium range flights to the Greek Islands, the Balearic and Canary, Moldova, Egypt and Israel only the tourist class is available.

During the Tourist Class flights we offer cold dishes, snacks and an italian breakfast according to the time of departure and flight length.

On scheduled flights to Tel Aviv, respecting the food needs of the passengers, we serve vegetarian dishes or snacks.
It is also available free, the Kosher meal or breakfast/ snack (KSML), which has to be requested already when booking and not later than 48 hours before the flight.

ELECTA: the Meridiana business class

International and intercontinental flights

On some International routes and on all Intercontinental flights, besides the tourist class, Meridiana also offers its Electa Business Class.
On European International flights, the "Euro Electa" Business Class, offers quality and comfort to all passengers who want relax even on the short routs, moreover to the service offered, the seat beside its always free, tasty snacks and cold dishes are served by a selection of wines from labels like Marchesi di Frescobaldi and Astoria.

On intercontinental routes, depending on the time and duration of flights, in both classes, Economic and Electa are offered lunch or dinner as well as a breakfast or snack.
On Boeing 767 Meridiana which operate long-haul flights, we've got 18 seats in business class "Electa" with comfortable chairs and a personal equipment iPad for accessing to all the entertainment like a big movies selection, games and music channels.
A special attention is also dedicated to the menu and wines selection from prestigious brands, such as Bisol and Astoria Wines that are characterized by the fineness of its products and the historic Company Marchesi de' Frescobaldi with its excellent and timeless Tuscan classics, offered in conjunction with traditional Mediterranean dishes in a selection of seasonal menus

Special Meals

In case there are special food needs Meridiana is entitled to confirm the availability of the special dish, as long as it is requested at least 48 hours before departure. The vegetarian option is available but it is also upon request.

The request of a special meal has to be transmitted in case of food allergies or religious reasons; requests for special dishes such as lobster, steaks, caviar etc... indicated according to personal taste will not be taken into consideration.
Passengers that suffer from severe food allergies towards dry fruit (nuts, hazelnuts and peanuts) we recommend to bring food products that are suited for their diet needs, as long as they are packaged, and to carry the medical supporting documentation for possible controls of the Safety Authorities.

It is also available on flights from/to New York for a cost of 25 Euros and free on flights from/to Tel Aviv, the Kosher meal or breakfast/ snack (KSML), which has to be requested already when booking and not later than 48 hours before the flight.

We inform that it is not available on-board milk for newborns and children. We recommend to those who travel with their family to bring the equivalent of the food requirement for the trip (milk in bottles, homogenized food). During safety controls, testing of the products could be requested, which therefore have to be able to be closed again.

All requests for special meals must be received by the Call Center at number 0871.222 9319 (USA 1 718 751 4499) strictly within 48 hours before departure time.

Inflights Entertainment

For the fleet of short and medium range provides the entertainment video programming of gags, cartoons and documentaries. For the fleet of long range with Air Show, precise updates on the itinerary and flight data are always available, we offer a wide selection of new and old movies and videogames for all ages.

First Flight Certificate

All children flying for the first time are invited to celebrate the happy event with Meridiana. Their parents or carers can comunicate to the cabin crew that this is their first flight and the staff on board will give them the First Flight Certificate signed by the captain that have a nice graphic theme. A nice memory to keep in time, for Meridiana a real pleasure to be able to offer on-board to its aircraft the Certificate for the new small passengers.

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