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Meridiana and the importance of details!
Getting free tickets and prizes from the Hi-Fly catalog gets easier and easier day by day, with the many bonuses and profitable promotions made available only to program members! Just have a look at the prize list to find out how many Hi-Fly miles are assigned for flying with Meridiana fly - Air Italy, using out partners’ services.*
You can view your account on-line and ask for vouchers, by directly accessing your dedicated area. Call the customer service and the prize you have chosen will be confirmed and shipped!

* The right to miles is accrued after the purchased services have taken place only, and only if the user of the services is the Hi-Fly account holder. The account can be viewed on-line any time, by accessing the personal area with your Hi-Fly code and password.

The Hi-Fly Program is managed by Meridiana – Hi-Fly Customer Care.

Active Bonuses

  • welcome bonus of 500 miles for Hi-Fly Now members;
  • BONUS of 750 miles for the operation "Introduce a friend"*;
  • BONUS for the purchase of Meridiana tickets by official web site (25% of miles more than those acquired);
*The miles will be credited to their account statements only after reaching 1000 miles flown by the new registered member.

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