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Dedicated Customer Care: 078952776***
and e-mail address

The dedicated phone number is available every day from 7.30 am to 11 pm, a one-stop line for bookings, tickets purchase, check-in and pre-assignment of seats (for flights where this service is available).

*** The cost for the call from landline – with no connection charge – will be 14.25 eurocents per minute VAT included, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6.30 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm, and 5.58 eurocents per minute VAT included, Monday to Friday from 6.30 pm to 8 am, Saturdays from 1 pm to 8 am and public/bank holidays. For calls from cell phones, costs vary according to your mobile provider.


VIP Lounges

Domestic VIP Lounges International VIP Lounges
Bari Dakar
Bologna London
Cagliari Maldives
Catania Mauritius
Florence Mombasa
Milan Linate New York JFK
Milan Malpensa La Romana
Naples Santo Domingo
Rome Fiumicino  

Vip Lounges

At the listed below airports, FlyPass members, traveling with Meridiana, and one fellow traveller can access the exclusive and comfortable VIP Lounges, where they can wait until the departure of their flight.

BARI - The Vip Lounge at the Karol Wojtyla airport is located near the departure area. It is an elegant area where our guests can access to a wide selection of daily newspapers, snacks and coffee service, 2 PC stations and pay-by-use Wi Fi connection.

BOLOGNA - The Marconi Business Lounge is located at the first floor of the departures area. You can find a relax area with sofas and armchairs, satellite TV, newspapers, sound diffusion and cafeteria.There is a fast-track service with privileged access to the boarding lounge through reserved security controls. It is provided with a Wi-Fi connection for PC and an Internet Point with a wide band connection and a printing service.
Due to restyling and enlargement works of the air-terminal, the dedicated services (VIP lounge, fast track) may not be guaranteed. For further information, please visit the website

CAGLIARI - La Vip Lounge Ali di Porpora è situata presso l’aeroporto di Elmas nell’area degli imbarchi ,appena oltrepassati i varchi di sicurezza. In un ambiente confortevole ed elegante sono disponibili quotidiani, ristoro self service, collegamento televisivo. All’interno della Sala Vip è possibile effettuare il check-in solo per i clienti in possesso di bagaglio a mano.

CATANIA - The SacVip Lounge is located in the departure area beyond the security checks, in the newly restructured Fontanarossa Airport of Catania. An exclusive and refined area, where passengers can turn this waiting time into a pleasant and relaxing moment. It is available for our guests together with a selection of daily newspapers and magazines, coffee service, Internet connection, Wi Fi, fax and printer.

FLORENCE - The “Masaccio” lounge is located at the 1st floor of the departure area in front of the bar. You can find a self-service open bar, Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines, a satellite TV, a multifunction-telephone and computers with access to Internet and printer.

MILAN LINATE – Vip Lounge Sea- Sala Leonardo, located in the departure area, is meant to offer comfort in an elegant and exclusive environment where you can find newspapers, internet connection, self-service refreshments and, where possible, areas where you can work, relax and freshen up. No pets are allowed in the lounge. Opening hours: 05.30 a.m. to 21.00 p.m.

MILAN MALPENSA - Sala Pergolesi Level 1 / Gates section B (no Schengen flights).Opening hours : 06.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.
We wish to communicate that starting from next 3rd April 2014 our ‘Pergolesi Lounge’, in Malpensa Terminal 1 – Departures B, will be closed for restyling for about 30 days. All your passengers will be re-protected and addressed to the Lounge called ‘Intermezzo’ which is located in non-Schengen Area, Departures B – central zone, mezzanine floor.

NAPLES - Gesac VIP Lounge is located on the first floor of the terminal after security checks. The Lounge offers a range of services to make more accurate relaxing waiting for the flight: dining area, newspapers, working space and the modern iPad available to our guests. To make the procedure boarding faster is possible to take Fast Track, a preferred route through the gates with dedicated security checks.

OLBIA - The VIP lounge at the Emerald Coast airport is located in the departure area of the air terminal, beyond the security controls. It's a very comfortable lounge, where you can find national newspapers, a self service refreshment area and satellite TV. The lounge will be open every weekend starting from the end of April until the 15th of June and every day from the 15th of June until the 15th of September. The lounge will also be accessible at Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays, on April 25 , May 1 and June 2.

PALERMO - The VIP GESAP lounge is located at the 1st floor of the terminal, offers an accurate reception service, with a cafeteria, Internet connection, satellite TV and national newspapers. VIP Lounge Access is only available for passengers holding a ticket to New York.

ROME FIUMICINO - The VIP lounge Le Anfore is located at the C pier (Satellite) of the Intercontinental Terminal – reachable by Sky-train – offers a nice relax area, a cafeteria service, access to Internet, national and international newspapers and magazines. VIP Lounge Access is only available for passengers holding an international or intercontinental ticket

TORINO - The "Sandro Pertini" Vip Lounge of Turin airport is located in the departure area. The Lounge (open every day from 5:30 to 20:00) offers a lot of services to have nice waiting for the flight: dining area, TV, telephone, fax, wireless connection and newspapers.

VERONA - The Catullo Lounge is located on the 1st floor over the check-in counters of the departure area. The lounge is provided with an open-bar, a TV, a fax service and newspapers . If you travel with hand baggage only, you can check in or, in case of advance seat assignment through the Call Centre, you can collect your boarding card.

VENICE - The Marco Polo Vip Lounge is located at the 1st floor of the airport. You can find snacks, national and international newspapers, internet access, a satellite television and a photocopy service.

DAKAR - The Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor Senegal airport offers a comfortable relaxing area provided with a bar and breakfast service, newspapers and magazines.

LA ROMANA - The Lounge is located on the second level of the waiting room a few meters ahead of the safety of migration. A confortable VIP Lounge with the following facilities:computers with internet, bar with all kinds of drinks, snacks, comfortable furniture, TV, magazines and conference hall. Opening: Daily from 11:00 am finishing up with the last flight operation.

LONDON - The Servisair Executive/Ascot Lounge North Terminal is located at the 1st floor of the international departures lounge (Airside) of Gatwick. The lounge is provided with an open-bar, newspapers and magazines, TV, telephone, fax and Internet.

MALE’ - The Finifenmaa and Saimaa vip lounges are both located at the Intercontinental Airport of Malè and they can be accessed after check-in and passports checks. Both lounges are furnished in Asian style with welcoming and relaxing stylish services.

MAURITIUS - The airport of Plaisance Mauritius offers a comfortable relaxing area providing a cafeteria, breakfast service, newspapers and magazines.

MOMBASA - The airport of Mombassa offers, in a relaxing and exotic place, a comfortable lounge providing a bar service, snacks, newspapers and international magazines.

NEW YORK JFK - The KAL Lounge is located by Terminal 1, on the third floor in front of gate 3, after the security checks. It is opened every day from 10.00 to 00.50. For all the guests, restaurant, bar and meeting room, Wi-Fi connection, fax, printer and TV set always available.

SANTO DOMINGO - The Caribe VIP Lounge is located after security control, turn right direction to A Gates. Walk along 25 meters across a shopping area. Before arrive to the gates, turn right again following the Caribe VIP Lounge signs. A comfortable VIP Lounge with the following facilities: Food and Beverage offer, Free Wi-Fi, Daily Newspaper & Magazines, TV’s & PC`s, Smoking Room, Seating Relaxing Atmosphere. Opening: Daily from 06:00 am to 11:30 pm

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Fly-Pass Advantages

Exclusive Advantages
Dedicated Check-in Counters On the national call and on the greater part of Intercontinental destinations is permited even the acceptance of Flypass, where is present the desk of Business Class.
Extra Baggage - Domestic flights: one baggage of a maximum weight of 30 kg on Basic class; 2 free baggages, max 30 kg each on Premium class.
- International flight Europe (excluding flights from/to Canaries): 1 free baggage max 30 Kg in economy class, 2 free baggages max 30 kg each in business "Electa Club".
Intercontinental flights and flights from/to Canaries: 1 baggage max 30 kg in economy class, 2 baggages max 40 kg total in business class Electa.
- Usa Flight: 1 baggage max 30 kg in economy class, 2 baggages max 40 kg totali in business “Electa club”.
Fast Track It’s present in Bologna, Cagliari, Linate, Malpensa, Naples, Olbia and Turin.
Priority boarding at finger or loading bridge
Onboard seat assignment On all domestic destinations and some international and intercontinental flights, operated by Meridiana.
Priority Baggage For direct flights departing from Olbia with destination Rome Fiumicino, and for nationals direct flights with destination Milan Linate, Olbia and Cagliari.
For Business Class Passengers on Intercontinental flights operated by B767 form/to Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino .
Discount for special assistances
Advance Flight Service allowed on departure day, subject to availability.

Fly-Pass Advantages

Dedicated check-in desks

Meridiana fly offers dedicated check-in desks* only to Fly-pass passengers, in all the main airports, avoiding lines and long waits. Moreover, for intercontinental flights, it is possible to carry out the check-in operations directly at the business class desks: Electa Club.

*The service is active for flights operated by Meridiana and not for code share flights operated by other companies, for which the operations of acceptance shall be carried out at the desks of the operating carrier.

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Extra Baggage

Also regarding the number and weight of the baggages, Meridiana offers special terms exclusively reserved to Fly Pass passengers on all domestic, international and intercontinental flights.
All Club members in fact can take:
Domestic flight*: 1 free baggage max 30 kg in basic class, and 2 free baggages, max 30 kg each in Premium class.
International flight Europe (excluding flights from/to Canaries): 1 free baggage max 30 Kg in economy class, 2 free baggages max 30 kg each in business "Electa Club".
Intercontinental flights and flights from/to Canaries: 1 baggage max 30 kg in economy class, 2 baggages max 40 kg total in business class Electa.
Usa Flight: 1 baggage max 30 kg in economy class, 2 baggages max 40 kg totali in business “Electa club”.
Extra baggages and kilograms exceeding the baggage allowance will be subject to the payment of an additional fee.
For further information and details we invite you to read the corresponding table (link) in the section before the flight.

*On flights in territorial continuity Sardinia and Sicily, the baggage allowance, besides being of 30 kg, does not include a limited number of baggage pieces.

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"Fast Track“ access at security controls

Fly-pass Club members are entitled to a “Fast Track” service through the Homeland security, to make their work or pleasure trip even more comfortable. This service, which is completely free of charge, is currently enabled in the following airports: Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Milano Linate e Malpensa Terminal 1, Naples and Olbia.

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Finger priority boarding or with loading bridge

Priority boarding with finger scan or loading bridge is only for the Fly-pass Club members and one accompanying person.

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Onboard seat assignment

Choosing where to sit aboard is one of the benefits available only for the Fly-pass passengers. By phone or online it is possible to ask a free seat assignment for himself and one accompanying person.
This service is available on all domestic flights operated by Meridiana and on a selection of international and intercontinental routes.

Rates reserved for Fly-Pass passengers:

Standard National Free
Standard International Free
Standard Intercontinental Free
Seat-Com (first rows/emergency exits) National Free
Seat-Com (first rows/emergency exits) International Free
Seat-Com (first rows/emergency exits) Intercontinental Free

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Priority Baggage

With Meridiana your travels gets faster and more and more comfortable.
Our airline offers all Fly-pass passengers a priority baggage delivery service. This service is currently active on:
1) non-stop domestic flights to Linate.
2) non-stop domestic flights to Olbia.
3) non-stop domestic flights to Cagliari.
4) non-stop domestic flights to Rome Fiumicino with departure from Cagliari, Verona and Olbia.

Fly-pass passengers on intercontinental routes to and from Milano Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino, Bologna, Naples, Palermo, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Male, Colombo, Mauritius, Dakar will be given the opportunity to enjoy the priority baggage delivery service, if baggage has been checked in at the Electa Club desks.

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Fly-pass fares for Special Assistance

For Fly-Pass Club members who need to travel - on all domestic flights operated by Meridiana - with sport equipment or pets, or need assistance aboard for minors flying on their own, Meridiana grants a 20% discount on the service fee, if it has been purchased through the Call Center or a 10% discount at the airport desks.

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Advance Flight Service

A service that allows you, if the destination is served to daily connections, to anticipate your flight directly on the day of departure without penalty presenting to the check-in desk dedicated at least one hour before departure respect to the flight you want subject to availability.

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