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Information Notes pursuant to Article 13 of D.L. Legislative Decree 196/03 "Code for Protection of Personal Data” Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June, 2003, 1 All personal data provided at registration, or subsequently, shall be processed by the Airline in accordance with the laws and regulations in force on personal data protection, particularly in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003 ("Personal Data Protection Code").
2 Personal data must be processed in order to manage Members' participation in the Program, to allocate any Rewards to Members, as well as other benefits and related services associated with their participation in the Program and their Cardholder status, in accordance with these Regulations.
3 The correct performance of the abovementioned data processing activities implies that Members' personal data may be accessed by the Airline sales staff and by third-party service providers in the context of the Program for purposes strictly related to and instrumental in managing the Program and, subject to Members' consent, for commercial communication purposes. The Airline sales staff shall act as data supervisors for the Airline, whereas the third-party service providers shall act as processors of such data. As data controller, the Airline shall ensure that the personal data in question is processed in accordance with the principles of necessity, lawfulness, accuracy, quality of data and proportionality and, in any case, ensuring data confidentiality. Data will be processed electronically, manually or in paper form, and will consist of the comparison, classification and calculation of the data, as well as of its sorting and classification into lists, all in accordance with the minimum security requirements to protect the confidentiality of the subject to which the data refers and to avoid the risk of it being accessed by unauthorized third parties. All data, grouped into categories and/or clusters in anonymous form, may be used in the Airline's statistical analyses to check the marketing preferences of its customers. The Airline also ensures that any personal data is used exclusively for purposes related to participation in the Program and for circulating organizational information to Members regarding their Membership status and possible expiration of benefits associated with the Program. All data provided by Members at registration and/or subsequently may also be used, subject to the Member's consent, for circulating commercial communications and for direct marketing purposes, as well as, and always subject to the Member's consent, for profiling and market research purposes. Any disclosure or distribution of data not required by law or not expressly authorized by Members is hereby excluded.
4 The website uses automatic systems to collect data that is not provided directly by users (cookies). Cookies may be useful for facilitating site navigation by Members and for identifying Members when they access website pages relating to the Program. For further details and information on cookies, please visit the Privacy section of the website
5 Personal data will be processed throughout the Program and its subsequent editions, within the terms and conditions set out in these Regulations, and will be stored after its expiration and/or a Member's withdrawal for the exclusive purpose of handling legal and/or administrative/accounting disputes. After the expiration of or withdrawal from the Program, data will be kept for the statutory period of limitation applicable to Members' rights. Nevertheless, personal data will be kept for profiling or direct marketing purposes for a period not exceeding twelve and twenty-four months, respectively, from when it was registered, unless it is effectively anonymized to prevent the identification of those involved, even if indirectly or by linking with other databases. Any personal data that does not require archiving in relation to the purposes for which it was processed will be deleted or anonymized by both the Airline and any third parties to which it was disclosed for the abovementioned purposes.
6 On registering for the Program, all personal data marked by an asterisk (*) must be provided in order to fully participate in the Program and related initiatives, as well as to fulfill legal requirements. Any refusal to provide the requested personal data, whether in part or in full, during the implementation of the Program, may prevent the Airline and third-party service providers acting within the context of the Program from fully implementing or correctly fulfilling any obligations arising from the Program. On the other hand, supplying personal data other than that marked by an asterisk (*) is optional and any failure to supply it will not affect the Member's registration and participation in the Program in any way.
7 Members will be given the appropriate information on the processing of their personal data that is collected for the sole purposes of the Program. Consent will be requested for each purpose separately, if required by law. Specifically, Members are entitled to freely express their choices on the processing of their personal data, whereby they may also state their wishes for each of the identified purposes, including the mailing of any commercial communications and all of Program Communications.
8 Members have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data, to know its contents and its source, to check its accuracy or request that it be integrated, updated or rectified, at all times. Members also have the right to request its deletion or anonymization, or for any data processed in violation of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Code to be blocked and to object, in all cases, to its processing for legitimate reasons, by sending this to the Airline in writing to the following address dedicated to Members':
Holder of the treatment of personal data is Meridiana fly SpA - Head Office 07026 Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport (OT), fax 0789/52861, e-mail For additional information on the processing of personal data effectuated by Meridiana fly S.p.A., please visit the privacy policy on our website.

(Information Notes updated on June, 2015)

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Information as per Paragraph 13 Legislative Decree 196/03 "Code relative to the security of the personal data” In accordance to Paragraph 13 of the Legislative Decree 196 of June 30, 2003, we inform you that the personal data provided by you and necessary for the completion of your subscription to the Meridiana fly website, co-administered by Meridiana fly S.p.A., will be object of processing through paper and electronic registration respectful of the quoted norm. The acquired data will be used in order to assign the advantages relative to the fidelity Programme, to promote Meridiana fly offers and, eventually, for statistic activities of internal use with such processing of the respective information meant to avoid making reference to the single individual (we mention that, to this purpose, a method of rendering the data anonymous is employed: actually, the statistic activity relative to the single individuals or groups will be developed making use of the anonymous and non –identifiable data only – for example, a numerical code associated to the residential province with no relation to other data that could allow the identification in any way of the person involved or of details regarding the personal sphere). It is mentioned that the processing regards only personal data of common nature and it will be limited to the personal data present in the electronic form of subscription. The total or partial denial to communicate the mandatory data will determine the impossibility of Meridiana fly S.p.A of completing the subscription of the Meridiana fly website.The data provided by the Client may also be exposed to third parties for whom this act results indispensable (or strictly functional) for the development of the activities of Meridiana fly S.p.A.; in any way, the data processing will be performed in such way as to guarantee the security and secrecy of the acquired data. The data acquired as part of the mandatory or optional confirmation, can therefore be communicated to companies controlled or connected or affiliated to Meridiana fly S.p.A. ( like, for example, the companies of the Meridiana Group) or to commercial partners. After your definite assent to be given at the bottom of this page, such data can also be utilised for sending via e-mail, phone, SMS and MMS promotional, advertising and direct sale material, in relation to the services and products offered by Meridiana fly or by companies that are part of the Meridiana Group. We remind you that, at any moment, you can exercise the rights relative to the Paragraph 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 that we reassume as follows: - you can reject the processing of your personal data for valid reasons or in case of use for the sending of advertising or direct sale material or for market researches and commercial communications, and be informed, when the data have been communicated and released, that you have the possibility of free exercise of this right; - you can request confirmation that your data is present at the headquarters of the company, even when not yet registered and also request that the further data communication be done in a comprehensive way; for each of these requests, should the data regarding your person be not confirmed as existing, you can request an expense contribution that does not exceed the costs effectively supported by the owner; - you can require indications with respect to the origin of your personal data, the purposes and the ways of processing and the logic applied in case of electronic processing, the identifying details of the departments responsible of the processing, and also with respect to the subjects and categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or who can come to know such data; - you can request the updating, variation and integration of the data, the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form of the data, you can request the blocking of it in case of law violation processing, including the blocking of those data whose conservation in relation to the purposes for which such data have been gathered or processed is not necessary, you can obtain the confirmation that these operations have been given to the knowledge of those to whom the data have been communicated, except for the case when this accomplishment results impossible or implies the employment of means remarkably superior with respect to the protected right. To obtain the cancellation of the personal data from the data base, one must send a written communication by fax, e-mail or postal mail to the headquarters of the company and implies the automatic exclusion from the website registration. The petitions of the latter Paragraph 7 of the Code relative to the website registration can be sent to the office: Organizzazione e Compliance di Meridiana fly S.p.A - Centro Direzionale Aeroporto – 07026 OLBIA (OT), Tel. (+ 39) 0789 52600 – Fax (+39) 0789 52910, e-mail: The owner of the personal data processing for the Meridiana fly flights is Meridiana fly S.p.A - Centro Direzionale Aeroporto Costa Smeralda - 07026 Olbia (OT), fax 0789/52861, e-mail
Meridiana fly S.p.A. ensure that the present personal data processing is being performed respectful of the fundamental rights and freedoms, of the dignity of the person involved, with particular emphasis on the privacy, personal identity and the right to the protection of the personal data. They also ensure a high level of defence of such rights and freedoms with respect to the principles of simplification, harmonization and efficiency of the modalities employed for your exercise of them and also for the accomplishment of the obligations that the Company processing the data has.

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I acknowledge that:

  • the subscription to the Meridiana Club Programme or the registration as “Registered Client” implies heaving read the above information report that was rendered available by Meridiana fly S.p.A. in accordance to Paragraph 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003;
  • my phone numbers (land line and/or cellular line) can be employed by the CUSTOMER SERVICE MERIDIANA CLUB and by the Customer Relations Service in order to give me assistance or for various communications;
  • my e-mail address and my cellular phone may also be used for sending information and/or advertising material relative to analogous services offered by Meridiana fly S.p.A.
  • the expression of the assent for marketing purposes is free;
with specific reference to the necessary operation for the accomplishment of the purposes of sending, by e-mail, phone, SMS and MMS, promotional, advertising and direct sale material with regard to services and products provided by Meridiana or by companies part of the Meridiana Group or commercial partners in the Meridiana Club programme, in relation to the data processing.