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Departure Flight LONDON LGW - CAGLIARI

The current cheapest fares in

101.74 GBP94.62 GBP101.96 GBP126.06 GBP126.06 GBP126.06 GBP126.06 GBP

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
    6 Mar
101.74 GBP
    13 Mar
101.74 GBP
    20 Mar
153.13 GBP
    27 Mar
241.22 GBP
    3 Apr
241.44 GBP


The current cheapest fares in

82.24 GBP82.24 GBP82.24 GBP

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
2 Mar
163.00 GBP
9 Mar
89.58 GBP
16 Mar
82.24 GBP
23 Mar
104.27 GBP
30 Mar
82.24 GBP

Fares shown:
Are one-way and for one passenger
Include VAT, fees, airport service charges, security supplement only for destinations of territorial continuity and administration fees
Exclude optional services: checked-in baggage if payable, extra weight, special baggages and travel insurance.
Administrative rights:
Purchases made online via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, Postepay Visa, Maestro) or bank transfer (Global Collect) are subject to an issuing administrative right which is equal to 4.50 EUR per segment/passenger or equal to the value of the daily exchange rate; the administrative right does not apply to emissions relative to infant passengers, to the Sardinia rates of territorial continuity and to flights from Brazil. Instead the amount of issuing administrative rights are £ 4.00 per segment for all flights departing from London and $ 6.00 per segment for flights from New York and Tel Aviv. These rights are already included in the final ticket price.
Checked-in baggage:
If you need to pay fees for bags, overweight bags or special bags, you many make selections at applicable online baggage fees on the "Services webpage" (Step 3 of the online ticketing process).
Travel insurance:
To guarantee you maximum quiteness for your travel, we suggest you a travel insurance during the booking process on webpage 3 "Services".

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