Onboard seat assignment and web/mobile check-in.

SEAT RESERVATION: to ensure a comfortable journey, you can book your seat Economy Standard that you prefer with a fee up to 7 days before departure.
If you want to travel even more convenient, you can buy Economy Comfort Seat- the first rows of the aircraft or the more spacious near the emergency exits -up to the day of departure.
You can use the service and book the seat even through the Call Center at nr 0871.222 9319 or directly to the check-in or onboard.
For more information click here.

WEB CHECK-IN: In addition, starting from 7 days to 2 hours before your flight departure, you can make free web check-in (exception of Seat-com seats).

Web check-in service is available only for Meridiana flights - operated by Meridiana fly and Air Italy - departing from Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, London, Milan Linate/Malpensa, Naples, Olbia, Rome, Turin and Verona.
For security reasons, web check-in is not available on flights to New York.

In the case you are carrying a checked baggage, to make the on-line web/mobile check-in you will need to go directly to the Drop-offs desk where available or directly to Fly-pass desk and deliver the baggage to be checked and proceed directly to security checks with their own boarding pass.

MOBILE CHECK-IN: we would also remind you that the service is also available for Mobile Check-in with the issuing of 2D Mobile Boarding Cards for owners of Smartphones and tablets. For more information click here

For flights to countries outside the Schengen are required API (Advance Passenger Information) to proceed with the web check-in. Click here for put them.

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