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Meridiana is commited to satisfy the needs of those who travel for business or leisure with a quality service, so as to make your stay on board pleasant and relaxing.
The onboard service offered, changes depending on the destination of arrival, the time of departure and the duration of the flight.
We invite you to consult our services classes.
Welcome aboard!

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Domestic Flights
All domestic flights feature Economy Class only.
For a greater relax and some tasty delights you can choose from a selection of hot and cold beverages offered by our crew.

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Medium- and long-haul international flights
All medium-haul international flights to the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Moldavia, Egypt and Israel, feature Economy Class only. Medium-haul international flights to European destinations and long-haul flights feature Economy and Business Class.
All Economy guests receive a snack or breakfast or a cold meal consistent with the take-off time and the duration of the flight. Guests receive a hot meal for flights over 5h 30 min.

Gallery Economy class - meals image Gallery Economy class - meals image Gallery Economy class - meals image Gallery Economy class - meals image Gallery Economy class - meals image Gallery Economy class - meals image
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Business Class Electa
On some medium-haul international flights and on all long-haul international flights, besides Economy Class, we offer you the Business Class Electa.

On European medium-haul international flights we put 12 seats at your disposal. Business Class Electa offers comfort and quality ensuring that the seat next to you is always free.

On long-haul international flights we put 18 comfortable “Electa” seats at your disposal that are equipped with personal iPads and headphones, comfortable upholstery and a free kit with an eye mask, socks, toothpaste
and a toothbrush.

Gallery Business class - indoor image Gallery Business class - indoor image Gallery Business class - indoor image Gallery Business class - indoor image Gallery Business class - indoor image Gallery Business class - indoor image
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Medium-haul international flights meals image
On medium-haul international flights we offer you tasty snacks and cold meals along with a selection of fine wines and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Long-haul international flights
On long-haul international flights we serve you a main course and a snack or breakfast consistent with the time of departure.
The main course includes an appetizer, a first course, a second course, cheese, dessert and fresh fruit. The courses are accompanied by three types of bread, beverages and by our fine wines. Coffee, tea, infusions and spirits complete the meal.
We wish you a pleasant stay on board!

Discover the Menu of the long-haul flights
Discover the Menu of the flights to/from New York
Gallery Electa class - meals image Gallery Electa class - meals image Gallery Electa class - meals image Gallery Electa class - meals image Gallery Electa class - meals image Gallery Electa class - meals image
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Our Wines are especially selected for you
Our on board wine cellar offers you a selection of prestigious Italian wines of the wineries Bisol, Astoria, Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi.

Our Sommelier offers you an excellent choice of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet, Sangiovese, Pinot Bianco. The Italian cuisine is famous for its intense flavours and Mediterranean aromas that enhances its value especially when accompanied by wines of the same territory.

Each selected wine preserves its flavour even at high altitudes. Cheers!

Discover the Wine List
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beverage service image BEVERAGES

During the flight we offer you a welcome drink and our Bar Service will always be available and provides:

  • coffee, tea, infusions
  • soft drinks, fruit juices
  • beer
  • sparkling wine, red wine, white wine
  • alcoholic beverages: whisky, grappa, sambuca, rum, tonic liquor

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To make you enjoy your travel experience on board of our aircrafts, the seats of the Electa Class are equipped with a state-of-the-art iPad from which you can access an extensive range of movies, games and music channels.

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Big screen contents and i-pad contents only on Electa class.

We offer you a nice multilanguage on-board entertainment (ita-eng) on our long-haul international flights.
Furthermore, we offer you an extensive movies programming, documentary and kids channel, available only on i-Pads for Business Class Electa passengers.

Discover our on board entertainment.

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Tune into our frequencies

To make you enjoy your stay on board of our long-haul flights, we have selected a wide variety of songs of all genres and for all ages.

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in flight magazine banner

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On all flights you will be able to enjoy our in-flight magazine Atmosphere during the journey or in your spare time.

Our magazine offers topical issues, with articles about fashion, art and above all tourism, with innovative gourmet food and wine tours and further details on the destinations served by Meridiana.

Click on the miniatures to view the covers of 2014

Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover February - March Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover April-May Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover June Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover July Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover August Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover November Gallery in-flight magazine - Cover December
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Special meals banner

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For special meal requirements we kindly ask you to inform us ahead of time and it will be our concern to provide a special meal.
On request, the vegetarian meal option is always available. We recommend passengers who suffer from severe food allergies to bring their own food products tailored to their individual dietary needs.
On medium and long haul flights , Kosher meal (KSML) must be requested up to 48 hours before flight’s departure.
For all requests regarding special meals, please contact our Call Center.

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First flight certificate - banner

First flight certificate - image


All children who travel for the first time are invited to celebrate this happy event with Meridiana. Their parents or who accompanies them may in fact inform our crew that it is their first flight: our crew will be happy to issue the “First Flight Certificate”, signed by the captain and with a nice graphic dedicated to them. A lovely memory to treasure over time and for Meridiana it is a real pleasure to be able to offer the first air travel experience on board of their aircrafts to many new small passengers.

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